Queen of Wands Slot Review - RTP 96.96% (Playtech)


You must be so eager to play the Queen of Wands slot. This game from Playtech works with a 5-reel layout. 40 fixed paylines are included, and the slot's RTP is set at 96.96%. Stackable symbols, stacked wilds, and a free-spins round are among the slot's features. Alright, let's see how the game operates below.

A Review of Queen of Wands Slot

As you approach the Queen's tent, you'll notice that it is covered with purple curtains and that tarot cards have been set on them with your future on them. The tent is also packed with luxuriously embroidered cushions. If you were uncertain about your location, there is even a crystal ball to the right of the screen.

There is little question that this fortune-telling queen is affluent since the reels and buttons on the game are made of gold. It is up to you to take part of her gold for yourself. This game's visuals are stunning and just what you'd expect from one of the numerous Playtech slots now available.

1. The Gameplay

Due to the fact that there is just one extra feature-a straightforward free spins game that most players will be familiar with from other slots-this is a very straightforward game that is excellent for novices. When the scatter symbol appears on the second, third, or fourth reels, the free spins round is started.

The player then earns eight additional spins as a result. A player may start an endless amount of free spins if the scatter symbols appear on the same reels again. Although it is unlikely, it is intriguing to know that it is conceivable.

There are no further features on this game than this. In spite of this, Queen of Wands is a game that can be customized by the player, providing for a variety of alternative betting possibilities, as with other games from Playtech. Players can choose the amount of lines they want to play in addition to the betting value per line.

The + and - symbols that can be seen in the bottom left of the screen can be used to do this. The information button that opens to display the game's features and paytable is just next to them.

The Auto Play button, which enables players to sit back and unwind as the game spins for them, can be found at the bottom of the screen. They can select between 10, 25, 50, and 99 total spins. The Max Bet button and a display showing your win total and current bet amount may also be found at the bottom of the screen.

2. Game Payouts

In the Queen of Wands slot, players have the good fortune to select between one and 40 paylines, with wagers ranging from 0.01 to 50 coins. This implies that gamers can choose to wager as little as 40p or as much as $2000 each spin playing all the paylines on this slot machine.

As the best Playtech slots, the maximum amount of paylines should be enabled if players want to get the most out of Queen of Wands. They will ensure that they have access to the greatest number of winning combinations by doing this. Allowing as many stacked wilds to arise is a good idea because they greatly boost a player's winning possibilities.

3. RTP and Volatility

The RTP percentage for the Queen of Wands slot is 96.96%, which is a standard percentage for many recently launched slot games. The value is the amount of money a player may anticipate winning back for every $100 they wager.

To help players understand how frequently they will truly win cash rewards, the game's creator developed this fictitious figure. Due to this and the game's medium volatility, players may anticipate small but regular winnings when playing this Playtech slot.

Final Words

Queen of Wands slot is a straightforward game with an intriguing subject, fantastic visuals, and engaging soundtrack. The finest feature of this slot is that it gives players a great deal of flexibility over their betting options, as they can alter the amount they spend each line in addition to choosing how many paylines are active.

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